Lull of Activity – Breach of Contact – I Have Excuses

Good day everyone and welcome to an exciting episode of ‘Where the FUCK is my pen!?’ – Johns unofficial/official blog of all things.

So, we have missed the unofficial upload of an episode every 2 weeks, and i feel you deserve an explanation. Nate and myself have been having way too much fun to pay attention to your stinky fanatical cries of withdrawal to bother editing and posting a new episode!

Just kidding. Honestly, the last month has been kind of hectic. We have material to edit, literally 20GB worth.. That is a lot of sound!

We have been to two concerts, met some of the bands, toured the prison that Shawshank Redemption was filmed in, and had a close encounter with a cult town.. I have pictures to include to this post. It was pretty awesome.

Be expecting a lot more posts like this from here on out. Posts and pictures of the events we go to on behalf of ‘Why Aren’t We Recording?’. Fun times are ahead, stay tuned.

First up,  Silversun Pickups at Farm Bureau Insurance Lawn at White River State Park, then a night on the town. Met Nikki, Silversuns bassist. Did you know you can walk through downtown Indy with alcohol as long as it is in the original container? Shit is nuts!

Then, off to Mansfiled for Ink in the Clink 2017! Spent a day there, great food, awesome bands, and took a tour of the prison. Got my picture with Davey Suicide.  And almost got captured by a cult.. Never going back to Bucyrus, Ohio. Place creeped me the fuck out.

Be expecting the next episode of WAWR real soon. Episode 11 will be Nate’s first go at an episode so hopefully he won’t tear it down too much. He is real critical of himself so I expect it to be mostly me talking to air. Thank you so much for being patient with us and I promise to bring more detailed events with more pictures from our next outings.



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