Abcdef what should i write about? Perhaps just my writing process i general? Sure.. i start out just like this. Writing down whatever i can, just as long as i am thinking about something. Then eventually, i come up with something like an author who starts to fall from the public eye after being in the limelight. He starts to hit drugs as a dependency to start writing something different and grasps at any shred of hope that the next thing he writes will be the next best seller.

Or a killer running in the rain toward a closing door trying to stop it before it latches closed, locking his next victim safely behind. Maybe instead of the killer, it’s the stories hero, on their way to stop the murder before it happens.

There is a lot of rubbing of the eyes while staring at the screen.. Stretching of the fingers, music blaring out of the speakers, and an INCREDIBLY ITCHY NECK!

Thanks to everyone who regularly stops in to check up on this, by the way. It feels good to know that i actually have fans.

Ok, lets actually try to write a real exert, sound good? How about something from that author who can’t seem to find solid ground?


‘Sometimes you just get lucky and hit it big without really knowing what you are doing. That’s what happened to me. I struck a deal and hit the perfect note my first go around at a movie script. Garnered all of the big executives attention and even sported a few talk show appearances. That’s where i should have quietly stepped away and became known as one of those one-hit wonders but something drove me back. I just could not live without the fame.


I had bathed in the limelight and once it started to fade, so did my luxurious life. I had to do something fast or watch everything crumble beneath me. So I started writing again. At first, i thought it was coming easily. The words seemed to pour out with no trouble at all. It wasn’t until about the halfway mark i started to pause. Nothing made sense. Why was the main character in the desert? How did she get there in there first place? I paused and re-read what i had written from the beginning.

Nothing. I could not find one mention of why she was even there. There has to be a reason i write it in, right? Another drink.. I need another drink. That would loosen up my thoughts and get me going again, for sure.’


It isn’t looking too well for them, is it? We will come back to them later, with a much more fleshed out story than that. Here’s something that has been bothering me lately, When does a beaten to death joke become funny again? Or how old does it have to be, to be brought back and made funny again?

Example – time lapse showing all 4 seasons and a character saying “Crazy weather today.” This one is used all the damn time and at first, hilarious. Then i kept hearing it and seeing it in different media. Now it’s just so overused, i feel like it’s a lazy way to try and get a laugh. Please, try harder.

Something else that has been on my mind. Everyone says that you have to take pride in your work. But not once have i ever seen a janitor eat off of a toilet seat. Have you? Do you think those same people telling you to have pride in your work would if they were a janitor? No, probably not. Maybe i’m just looking too far into it.

I recommend anyone who is reading this to go out and grab a couple of ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’ by Robert A. Heinlein. Fantastic science-fiction novel that i think everyone should read. In fact, perhaps even make it a requirement in high-school. I feel like it would have certainly helped me make sense of life a little easier at the time, anyway. Do any of you have any recomendations for myself? I would love to hear them.


Again, thank you everyone who stops in and reads these. I am really making some headway on my novels/screenplays so hopefully i will have something a little more solid to show everyone. Here soon, i will have a lot more time to devote to writing as well. I love you all, and don’t let the world keep you down.


John Rohlf


Sorry, the whole post got deleted somehow. Looking into that on my end so I had to rewrite the post from memory so it will probably be a little shorter than intended but i think the main point will still be conveyed. This post will center around the short story and character, ‘Amser’.


The idea of Amser really started to form right around the time that Vessel began to gain some traction moving toward its current setting. I was experimenting with a bunch of different ideas on how to set the proper tone and finding the current antagonist to descend Blake into madness. Originally. He was to serve the same position Shrowd now holds, except he would have been much more sympathetic about it. What kind of story would that have made? A pretty bland one, I think,


  After some thought and shuffling about character traits, I ended up with an empathetic immortal who travels through different times and perhaps universes, talking with the many people who inhabit that space. My hope is to be able to do the same with people I meet, warping the personalities just enough to make them conform to a specific character. Any of the big characters in my books will hopefully have at least one run-in with Amser to give them a little more backstory, a nice “Behind the Scenes” for fans.


So, Shrowd and Blake will both have their time with him alone. The fun comes in finding the best way to make it happen. Should i keep it canon? Or maybe something completely random would be best.  Maybe Amser will find himself trapped in a similar way as Blake when he runs into Shrowd. Or perhaps Blake will one day stop into a diner in the middle of nowhere and converse with Amser over a cup of coffee. Maybe they have already shared a cab ride and exchanged their ideas on why the world continues to turn. That’s the beauty of writing your own stories, anything is possible.


Amser carries himself in a very lax manner. He doesn’t get excited very easily but even though he has been a part of a lot in his long life, and heard a great deal more, he is still interested in hearing about other people’s lives. Each time he interviews someone new, he recalls the meeting and writes it down onto his notebook. He looks back at his previous encounters, normally long after that person has died, as a joyful reminder of days past. By no means does he dwelve on it, but he very seldom interviews someone that does not have a very interesting story, and as Amser would say, everyone has a story worth remembering even if they don’t think so.
Changing up from the usual, the next blog post will be filled with randomness. Really just anything that comes to mind. Maybe filled with some free writing. Just wherever my brain takes me.