And It Begins

Hello Everyone,

 Let us start off with a little about myself. After all, that is why you’re here, right? First, let me thank you for coming to my page at all. It is a great feeling knowing that people are actually interested in something that I have created. Very humbling.


 As often as I can, I prefer to hand write any ideas that come to me before I type them or include them in a story. Even though my handwriting is really bad, I feel that it makes the process that much more intimate and helps the process along really well. I have a few separate journals that I use to record my thoughts on but I only use one pen. It may sound kinda silly but I like the idea that once I finish a few stories and perhaps even sign a few autographs, everything will have went through that one pen. Neat.


 A lot of the characters that I write for are just extensions of my own personality. I have heard that a lot authors tend to do the same thing, so as you are reading one of the particularly nasty ones, please remember that it is not always something I would actually do. Because trust me, there will be some very obscene moments. I try to be a good person, but i do have to let the darkness out somehow.


 Do not hesitate to ask me any questions! I greatly appreciate it when someone who is interested about me or my work picks my brain. Curiosity is a great trait to have. It fuels the imagination and keeps the mundane at bay.


 One last thing. Not every post I make will be this sporadic, but I do hope to keep them at least this long. Most of my posts will usually center around one topic, such as a current work piece or answers to your questions, instead of all of these random thoughts that don’t really make for good reading..


Thank you again and I hope to hear from some of you!