I have been writing as a hobby for a few years now, starting my first short story back in 2009. It started out very different from what it has become. What was once a story of a teenager finding himself at the mercy of a curse, eventually turned into two separate ideas. One becoming what is now Vessel, the other has been put on the back burner for the time being, but to me, it is the most exciting of the two. BUT, we are here to talk about Vessel, so…


The idea stemmed from the thought of someone being tortured by an unseen force and how exciting and terrifying that could be. It is my hope that not knowing why this character is being harassed and not knowing what this being is hopefully creates an exciting and engaging experience for the reader.


 I have run into a few peculiar issues while trying to write for these two vastly different characters, but that’s what makes writing so enjoyable. It is a welcomed challenge to get inside of someone else’s head, even though that person is really just an extension of you.


Now, A little bit about the characters. The man being harassed is currently named ‘Blake’. Although I am not entirely sold on the name, it has not changed in a few years so it looks like that is what his name will be regardless. At the beginning, he wakes inside a room with nothing more than a journal in his coat pocket and many names written upon the walls around him. Blake does not have very long to compose himself before Shrowd begins testing the limits of his mental state.


“I am unsure of what to believe. Everything that I see or hear seems to be nothing more than a hallucination. Even now my sight deceives me. The ink from my words disappear into the pages as soon as I lift the pen only to return once I quit writing. But I must never stop.”


 Since Blake has no memory, everyone of them he is forced to relive are witnessed in a “clean” state. With no past to justify his actions, he doesn’t understand why he chose to do the things he sees, and with no control over his actions, he is unable to stop what is happening. What worries him most, is that he actually enjoys it while it happens.

As the story develops and the reader falls deeper into the story, Blake’s past life, the reason Shrowd (the being that is tormenting Blake) is there, will be revealed in a series of memories that Shrowd pulls out of his mind, each becoming increasingly more vivid as they near the present.


The only problem I have with Shrowd’s name is the spelling. I want to spell it differently than normal, but I feel as if this could distract the reader and pull them out of the story every time they read over it.


 He is meant to be an incredibly snarky character, one that is very blunt in his accusations and very forward in his delivery of opinion but not so abrasive that the audience hates him. Shrowd is very much a cynic, a reflection similar to my own thoughts, except his outlook on the human race is much worse and he uses every opportunity to show his disdain.


 “This is how you remember humanity, blindlessly going about life without a single care for those around them. I have to agree with you, such a feeble existence, never exposing themselves to anything new.”, Shrowd responded with disgust and a scowl.,  “Pathetic creatures.”


 Shrowd has been around since long before humans ever appeared on earth, so he has been able to watch them. Generation after generation, they would grow old and die while he is forced to continue existing. There is certainly a feeling of envy he feels over their mortality, and he can be very emotional about it.


“Who are you that are given this gift and fear it? You throw away your life trying to outrun it. Why will you not simply accept it? The one thing I can not have, the greatest gift I could EVER receive, and you hide from it?”


Soon, I will be revisiting Vessel,but if you have any questions about the progress of it as a whole, or any other questions really, feel free to send me a message asking, I will try to answer them all in a future blog post. I am trying to keep certain aspects of the story vague, but I also want to give everyone enough information to get you on board. I hope I have found a nice balance.


Once again, thank you to all of my readers. Your continued support is greatly appreciated and I can not wait for you to see more from Vessel. My next Blog will focus on “Third Shift”, a screenplay of a comedy set inside a Superstore during the night stocking shift.


John Rohlf